Our Services

Full HD Cameras
For Full and mini movies as weddings, conferences, festivals, major events and also for interviews and wishes
Putting your documented movie in a whole other vision, In this category , you will choose the amount of cameras you need with the media product needed to get all angles of your special event with HD video and audio output
Full Movie
a full documented movie for the whole event from its begin till it ends
a whole interviews with multicam or single angle
mainly- in weddings, birthdays and special occasions we can produce this kind of movies that is heart whelming for the wishes people say in these occasions
In this category we are equipped with not only special and professional equipment like DSLR cameras with its gimbal and Ronin, Drone, Go pro and ozmo cameras but we have a hardworking team to fulfill the purpose of the movies in the best way
Promotional Movies
we plan , prepare and shoot then edit , a full process for each movie as we make each frame counts and each shot serves it’s meaning giving the movie a different aspect by planning it , creating an idea , and shooting best angle for showing the best of it and then editing it choosing a sequence thet makes the movie as a whole showing the idea, the angle, emotions and purpose , with a cinematic look and color correction and grading.
Mini Documentary Movies
We can document a trip or a major ( multi days) event or a conference or personal biography or sports addiction in a cinematic full scripted movie that suits you
Underwater Shooting
Drone shooting
Go pro “action” shooting
Companies, conferences and meetings
Festivals, ceremonies